Work in "Parovoz" studio


A wide range of tasks for a specialist of any level. Possibility of career development within the company. Creative, young and friendly team.


We have a two-storey studio with its dining room, gym, shower and even a cinema. In our studio, you can safely live for a few weeks :)


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Developer VR

A competent developer who is ready to try something new, because he will have to participate in developing games that are filled with technically complex and interesting tasks.

  • Experience with Unity3d from 1 year
  • Experience using C # from 2 years
  • Desire to develop games
  • Interest/enthusiasm for VR
  • Technical English
Would be an asset
  • Experience in developing VR projects
  • A good algorithmic basis
  • Understanding GPU architecture
  • Experience in writing shaders
  • Presence of completed projects
  • Ability to work with git
  • Presence of projects on Github

Generalist Unity3D in department VR

Why us?

We are the animated studio "Parovoz", we creatw animation and games for the VGTRK media holding company (we also realize our own projects, so we are already quite grown ups.) We have no problems with financing, labor organization, we know where we are going and what we are doing. We give as much independence as your experience and skills will allow, everyone has an equal voice in the collective discussion of the task.

  • Work experience of three years
  • Knowledge of packages Maya, Zbrush, Substance painter, MudBox, UV Layout
Would be an asset
  • Sculpting
  • Texturing and shading
  • LowPoly modeling of resurfacing
  • Creating an UV map
  • Cooking texture maps


Animation Studio "Parovoz" requires a series director to create 2D animatics

  • Experience as a director of animation (or profile education)
  • Be able to draw decently
  • Be able to select the replicas themselves and check for consistency with the degree of drama, the integrity of the dialogues, select the reference phonogram, make a radio show
  • Confidently own all the basic principles of edit (figure-eight, difference in size, compositional principles for creating a harmonious shot, etc.)
  • Tactically adapts scenario - to crush to the required length, to invent the jugglery, to be in the context of the cinematographic project developed on the project
  • Understand the processes of 3D and 2D production
  • Portfolio
  • Creation of animatics under direction of program director


Creating master shots, setting the initial composition of the frame, preparing shots for animation and assemble

  • Knowledge of the Maya package (knowledge of other 3D packages would be an asset)
  • Knowledge of Anime Studio Pro and AE
  • Understanding the basics of composition of shot
  • Basic knowledge of animation
  • Knowledge of Anime Studio Pro and AE
  • Portfolio


A person with a good sense of beauty, necessarily understanding the theory of color, light and a composite structure

  • Ownership of programs with a node structure (knowledge of the 3D package as a plus)
  • Ability to work with layers
  • Color Correction
  • Animation Skills
  • Portfolio


Setting up shading and rendering for various projects. Preparing scenes before sending to the render farm

  • Knowledge of the Maya package and the rendering of Arnold (knowledge of other 3D packages is welcome)
  • Work experience from 2 years
  • Artistic taste
  • Understanding the process of all production
  • Ability to work both in a team and independently
  • Portfolio
  • Setting up materials
  • Light laying
  • Rendering optimization


  • Experience as a concept artist and artist in the background on animation 3D projects
  • Knowledge of the basics of Maya and Mary
  • High level of possession of the program photoshop and illustrator
  • Portfolio / demo-reel
Would be an asset
  • Sociability and creativity


Animating 2D characters and objects

  • Confident Possession After Effects, Flash, knowledge of the TVpaint package
  • Experience in creating a character animation-technique-computer reset
  • Strong skills and experience in Anime Studio Pro
  • Feeling of style, knowledge of the basics of drawing and animation
  • Experience in drawing and phase
  • Good understanding of pace, rhythm
  • Work skills in hand-drawn animation, Adobe Flash Professional.


  • Excellent knowledge of the package Maya and ZBrush (knowledge of other 3D packages is welcome)
  • Confident and beautiful underwear dressing
  • Careful adherence to the rules of the design of the scene (naming, hierarchy)
  • Understanding the basics of rigging
  • Responsibility and ability to work in a team
  • Portfolio
  • Creation of blendshapes (facial expressions) of characters
  • Modelling of characters, props, locations for children's animation series
  • Resufacing
  • UV map
  • Preparing the scene for transmission to the rigger / texture / shading artist (proxy geometry, blend-targeting, correct naming and hierarchy of scene objects)
  • Ability to work with git
  • Presence of projects on Github
Would be an asset
  • Skills for writing mel / python scripts
  • Scope and knowledge in related areas of 3d graphics
  • Art education
  • Uncomplicated rigging of props, locations, simple characters
  • Texturing

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